Energy Independence

Honda Civic Powered by Natural Gas

Pennsylvania can and must play a crucial part in the country’s energy independence. Its vast coal and natural gas resources can supply much of the electricitity for the eastern part of the United States. If production of electric and natural gas powered vehicles continues to increase Pennsylvania will benefit as demand for its resources will increase. It is time to push for greater American manufacturing of those vehicles rather than japanese manufacturing as this can provide both relief for Michigan’s auto industry as well as Pennsylvania’s energy sector. The price of natural gas and coal energy is substantially lower than oil and more use of it will provide  a sudden economic boost as more businesses and homes will be able to afford cheaper energy and use their savings on commodities and other spending.


Medical Marijuana Legislation

Pennsylvania’s marijuana laws are as strict they get in the United States. Possession of 30 grams or less is punishable with 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.  Many times those arrested are patients with terminal diseases such as cancer patients who do not wish to wane their pain with the harsh chemicals provided by the pharmaceutical industry.

One or two cigarettes of marijuana can provide a terminally ill patient with the same level of relief that a morphine injection can. Whats the difference between the treatments?  The marijuana is much less harsh on the body than the morphine and much less addicting. There is even proof of marijuana being less harmful than alcohol.

It is a patient’s right to have access to alternative forms of treatment. Government should never place roadblocks when it comes to a patient’s health. It is unethical and unfair for governement to decide what medical treatments an adult can recieve. Doctors go to medical school and take the hippocratic oath. They take a solemn promise to stand behind those they serve and do no harm to them. It is time to make marijuana medication available to patients that recieve prescriptions from their doctor. Not doing so violates the patients’ right to privacy and the doctors’ right to practice his or her skill effectively.  

THE PPP Approach

  • Support a national initiative to allow the pharmaceutical industry the right to produce medical cannabis for sale at  pharmacies.
  • As a part of the initiative protect the right of the doctor to choose whether or not cannabis is the correct treatment for his/her patient. 
  • Support current Pennsylvania laws against offenders who can not provide necessary documentation stating that he/she is authorized to possess marijuana.